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NYC Day Spa Massage Styles:

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal / Postnatal Pregnancy Massage, Maternal / Maternity Massage, Shiatsu / Thai Massage, Medical Massage, Scar Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy plus Foot Reflexology

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage
Therapy P.C.
is owned and staffed by highly skilled New York State licensed specialists or therapists.

New York Massage, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Neurology, Orthopedic Physical Therapy & Alternative Sports Medicine Medical Health Day Spa

119 West 57th Street, Suite 511
New York City, NY 10019
(Bet. 6th & 7th Ave.)

Midtown Manhattan, NYC



Call our 57th St. office or NYC offices for an appointment to save you time and suffering to provide and offer
you a massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, podiatrist, neurologist, orthopedist, orthopedic doctor surgeon, acupuncturist, acupuncture reflexologist or alternative sports medicine pain management specialist physician for fast pain relief and the best cure. Our orthopedic doctor or orthopedic surgeon provides and offers immediate X-ray service and diagnosis for orthopedics neck, back, spine, rib, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hand, finger, hip, leg, knee, ankle, foot, heel and toe or orthopedists treatment services near New York City NY 10019 in westside midtown Manhattan.

Massage Therapy New York

Alternative Physical Medicine NYC

As you enter Jane's New York Physical Therapy, Massage, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Neurology, Orthopedic Alternative Sports Medicine & Skin Care Medical Health Day Spa in midtown Manhattan, you immediately feel the natural healing energy surrounding your body and mind.

Whether you are here for a specific medical condition or just a relaxation massage, you know this is the one place that will make you feel healthy, young, and refreshed all at the same time. And you get to meet our injury and pain expert, who is also the sports injury specialist to give you one treatment immediately resulting in a cure!

If you are looking for a doctor, physician or specialist chiropractor, neurologist, physical therapist, podiatrist, orthopedist, acupuncturist, or reflexologist in New York, Jane's NY Massage and Physical Therapy Alternative Sports Medicine Medical Healthy Day Spa provides alternative therapy, sports medicine, foot podiatry, spine chiropractic, and joint orthopedic care to be an alternative to surgeries, Botox, and replacement for acupuncture and ineffective treatments for better health, sports, dance, vocal, music performance, or post surgery correction as well as injury and disease prevention.  Our therapeutic massage and deep tissue physical therapy techniques show immediate results for healing muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, injuries and other physical disorders. Our unique methods release tension and restore proper positioning of joints, eliminating or resolving inflammation, pain, and physical discomfort right away.


Providing alternative sports medicine, therapeutic massage (NY licensed therapists), podiatry (podiatrist/ podiatrists' foot podiatric medicine), chiropractic (chiropractor/ chiropractors' neck back shoulder pain care, adjustment, spinal therapy), orthopedics (orthopedist/ orthopedists' hip knee ankle foot joint orthopedic doctor care), acupuncture (acupuncturist/ acupuncturists' reflexology acupressure), neurology (neurologist/ neurologists spine nerve care), physical therapy (NYC physical therapist), rehabilitation and skin care (cosmetic Botox injections/ tummy tucks liposuction alternative) medical day spa services in New York City.

Most Injuries & Pain Are Cured By One Apotherapy Treatment, No Drugs Or Exercise Needed!
  • Head (Headaches, Migraines, TMJ, Facial Nerve, Sinus, Ear Pain), Throat (Vocal Cord Nodules)
  • Spine (Neck, Upper Back, Mid/ Middle Back, Low/ Lower Back, Pinched Nerve, Herniated Bulging Disc, Whiplash, Sciatica, Scoliosis)
  • Body (Fibromyalgia), Shoulder (Rotator Cuff, Frozen Shoulder), Chest (Asthma, Heart Attack)
  • Rib, Arm, Elbow (Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow), Wrist (Carpal Tunnel), Hand (Arthritis), Finger
  • Hip, Leg (Edema Swelling, Numbness), Thigh, Knee (Meniscus, ACL, PCL Ligament, Tendon, Cartilage Tear), Ankle (Sprain), Foot (Heel Spurs, Arch Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Hammertoes, Toe Pain), Joint (Arthritis, Tendinitis/ Tendonitis, Bursitis)
  • Medical Day Spa Skin Care (Face Neck Wrinkles Lift, Tummy Tuck, Cellulite, Scars, Spider Varicose Veins, Botox Injection or Cosmetic Liposuction Surgery Alternatives)
  • Chiropractic (Neck Back Shoulder Pain, Disc Herniation), Neurological (Neuroma, Neuralgia)
  • Muscular (Muscle Strain/ Pull, Cramp, Spasm, Scar Tissue), Skeletal (Osteoporosis, Bone Spurs, Calcification)
  • Circulatory (Cardiovascular Disease), Pulmonary/ Respiratory (Fibrosis)
  • Internal Organ Disorders (Abdominal Pain, Hernia, Tumor, Cyst)
  • Physical Therapy & Orthopedic Treatment

Jane's New York Chiropractic, Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Neurology, Orthopedic Alternative Sports Medicine Medical Day Spa for specialists doctors' or physicians' care treats the following medical conditions, skin care & chiropractor / podiatrist / Neurologist / orthopedist sports medicine related services: (click name to view condition description)

Gift Certificates Available.
Licensed, Registered, Insured, & ABMP Member In Good Standing Since 2001 No one beats Jane's Apotherapy when it comes to quick treatment times. Usually no recovery time is needed. This allows you to jump back into your daily routine as soon as treatments end.

Licensed Therapist & Best Pain Management Specialist Alternative Option:
Chiropractic, Podiatry, Orthopedic, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Running Dance Sports Medicine, Acupuncture Neurology & East Holistic Alternative Internal Medicine for head, occipital, ear, sinus, throat, neck, back (upper, mid, low back), chest, rib, abdominal belly, limb, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hand, thumb, finger, hip, leg, knee, ankle, foot, heel, arch, sole, toe, spine cervical/ thoracic/ lumbar/ sacral vertebrae (C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, coccyx), muscle, joint, labrum labral injury, acute or chronic pain complaint treatment; plus singing, dance & sports enhancement.

Sports enhancement:
gymnastics, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, marathon, running, jumping, swimming, wresting, dancing & fitness

Cheap Price Day Spa Therapeutic Massage & Therapy:
Swedish Massage, Scar/ Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal/ Postnatal Pregnancy Maternal Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Medical Massage, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Acupuncture Point Acupuncture Meridian Acupressure, Liposuction/ Tummy Tuck Post Surgery Massage Therapy, Chinese Herb, Moxa Moxibustion, Cupping

Medical Spa Skin Care:
Scar Tissue, Lipo Fat, Cellulite, Stretch Mark, Spider Varicose Vein, callus Reductions, Wrinkle Face Lift

We have been in business for over a decade. Jane's Apotherapy has cured pain and injuries by the hundreds every year; most within one complete session. Jane's Apotherapy can not worsen medical conditions, it only improves them. Jane's Apotherapy is good for enhancing health and body strength anytime even if you did not have any previous medical conditions. Therefore it is the best prevention for injury, disease, illness or sickness. Jane's Apotherapy is significantly much more strenuous especially for hands than massage and other treatments. We never raise our rates to match other licensed practitioners in the area. Jane's Apotherapy and Massage Therapy PC is registered by the New York State Education Dept. as a professional corporation in very good standing and professional conduct since 2002. Although we do not accept insurance for our treatments, we are willing to give a treatment discount (not for massage, which is only to relax you) for those who are in need and request before treatment. First time Apotherapy clients are directed to our web FAQ page for treatment and fee information along with f. Extra time worked not included and tips can be added to optional gratuity. Do not miss your chance to get better. Save yourself a surgery. Jane's Apotherapy is 100% safe with no side effects!

RE: Other Businesses, Physicians, Doctors & Specialists
We welcome you to provide us with your service information for referring clients to each other, especially if you accept medical insurance.

RE: Advertising Companies
Biased false postings by advertising companies disfavoring non-advertising clients should be spurned! We encourage people not to trust the algorithm that they have come up with for manipulating their marketing goals. They are not reliable. Help to cast away the fakes, do not pay attention to their listings!

RE: Apotherapy Clients
More than 99% of our Apotherapy clients are happy with the immediate treatment results every time. Less than 1% of our clients come in with the intention for a free treatment. You may request a discount before treatment. Please do not wait until you are certain that you do not need another treatment, to request a refund by providing dishonest reasons. So you don't miss your chance to prevent future injuries, pain or medical conditions. For many medical conditions surgery can not remedy, Jane's Apotherapy may be the only cure!

-Please note that 'Starr L.' was never a client according to our records.
-Please indicate when scheduling for a deep tissue massage. This allows us to schedule you in the best time frame.

(Jane's unique multi-specialty Apotherapy can be applied to all body parts for the following injuries, pain, or medical conditions: arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, sprain, strain, spasm, cramp, fibromyalgia, herniated bulging disc, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, spondylitis, scoliosis, kyphosis, whiplash, sciatica, pinched nerve, TMJ, migraine headache, bone spur, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, tennis golfer's elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, Morton's neuroma, bunion, plantar fasciitis, hammertoe, clawfoot, shin splint, meniscus, ACL, patellar ligament, Achilles tendon, ganglion, cyst, tumor, seroma, cancer edema lymphedema, thyroid enlargement, vocal cord tightness, throat-eye-ear pain, loss of hearing, adhesion, keloid, hernia, hiatus hernia, heartburn, stomach colon indigestion constipation, abdominal bloating, asthma, sinusitis, heart attack, lung fibrosis, bronchitis, acupuncture tissue damage, numbness, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, fracture callus, osteoporosis & more.)

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, 119 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019
Quality Excellent -Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Sports Medicine

"What western medicine could not do for my Achilles heel injury in a year, Jane Lee cured in half an hour! Believe it! My name is Chris and I am a decathlon, heptathlon athlete attending a Div. II college in PA. I hurt my Achilles heel in Nov. of 2011 doing my approach to the High Jump. Many orthopedists and Physical therapist later, no positive result occurred. I missed participating the entire school year. This summer my trainer sent me home saying that he did not know what else to do to fix this problem. I found Jane, gave her a try and to my amazement my problem was gone. All I can say is that she kneads the affected area with a flat rounded rock with varying degrees of pressure and presto-chango away goes the pain. I recommend Jane to anyone with this problem. I say give her a try. It is not invasive. You have nothing to loose. If it works you go home amazed , like I was. If it doesn't, you are right back where you started from. Give it a try! And it feels good also."

Review by Chris Ammann

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, 119 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019
Quality Excellent -Chiropractic, Neurology, Physical Therapy

"I have had a wonderful experience with Jane. I first met her a year ago as I was having pain in my neck due to a herniated disc. I went the tradition route with physical therapy, which did not alleviate or improve the pain. I honestly think the PT made it worse. After some research on the internet I came across Jane's website. After my 1 session with Jane I felt so much better. The improvements continued over the time as I was pain free. Jane is very dedicated to her work which shows in the care she puts forth with her patients. I have referred her to many people and will continue to do so as she does an exceptional job."

Review by Amanda Dizney

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, 119 West 57t St. New York, NY 10019
Quality Excellent -Orthopedic Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Pain Management

"I walked out of an orthopedic surgeon office after he told me i needed a knee(s) replacement, and began looking for an alternative way to cure my problem. I had just returned from Greece and it seemed strange as i listened to the doctor after climbing all those ruins a month before. The best thing that came from his diagnosis was that there are alternatives. I was very fortunate and met Jane via my search on the internet I not only have my knees but I have no pain; Jane was wonderful and cured my problem. When I have any new symptoms, ankle pain, or back pain, I phone Jane. All my friends know about her, and I have handed her cards to people on the street. I hope they try her therapy and are as successful as i have been."

Review by Sharon Stepman

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, West Midtown Manhattan, New York City
- Podiatry, Alternative Medicine, Neurology, Pain Management

"amazing. cured my mortons neuroma in one session... after doctors telling me i needed injections to kill the nerve... no thanks!"

Review by Alexandra G. New York, NY

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, West Midtown Manhattan, New York City
-Podiatry, Orthopedic Alternative Medicine, Physical Therapy, Pain Management

"I highly recommend her services. Jane is great, had painful bunion, right knee pain and sore chest ...all of them were cured." "I've been going back and forth to Jane's clinic for some adjustments if I feel some more pain still persist. I can say that she did very good treatments after those adjustments. Because of my good experience, I went back also for treatments of my feet's plantar fasciitis and left knee this time. So far so good, I'm on the healing time and feel better and will know later if I need some adjustments if some more pain persist."

Review by Ray A. Woodside, NY

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, West Midtown Manhattan, New York City
-Podiatry, Orthopedic Alternative Medicine, Physical Therapy, Rehab Pain Management

"Jane is a rare find - someone with special healing skills. I came to Jane to get help for a toe joint that was injured when my two year old jumped on me and landed square on my foot. A podiatrist had given a series of injections that did not really help. Surgery was suggested. Jane's gentle approach definitely lessened my pain and inflammation. Her technique helps me manage my foot post injury. I recommend Jane and her therapy for foot and joint injuries."

Review by Inna I. Bergen County, New Jersey, NJ

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, West Midtown Manhattan, New York City
-Chiropractic, Neurology, Alternative Medicine, Pain Management

"I was recommended to go to Jane from my Fiance who was RAVING about her after she fixed her bulging disc in her neck. I store stress in my neck and shoulders that had gotten so bad I was getting regular migraines. As others are staying, this is not a spa massage. I ended up with bruising all throughout the area she worked on me, but it felt great. I haven't gotten a migraine since then (it's been a few weeks) and felt she got out more of the tension than any massage I have had before. I do not believe she is a cure all for everyone, but as long as you aren't going to her with any tears or injuries that should require surgery than I highly recommend her services. She even thought I tipped her too much and gave me money back so that it was more in line with her recommend 18% (I don't think I tipped that much more than the recommended amount)."

Review by Rich F. Manhattan, NY

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, West Midtown Manhattan, New York City
-Alternative Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Rehab Pain Management -Massage: Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Medical, Sports, Reflexology, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupuncture Point & Acupuncture Meridian Acupressure

"Jane has done wonders for me over the years. As I have gotten a bit older, I have experienced more injuries doing the things I love (running central park, weight lifting, yoga, etc.). When I used to get injured the doctor would tell me not to do anything for 4 to 6 weeks and use ice/NSAIDs. I would get really depressed and feel like all my health and wellness goals were slipping away. Then I found Jane. Not only did she fix my injuries, many of them recurring, and get me back to my fitness lifestyle within days, my overall injury rate has dropped dramatically since I have been working with Jane. Know I just go for the relaxing massage and a touch up once in awhile. I highly recommend Jane and her services. They are worth every penny!"

Review by Gary M. New York, NY

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, West Midtown Manhattan, New York City
-Alternative Sports Medicine, Podiatry, Orthopedic Physical Therapy

"Jane promises to do one thing: Help cure whatever ailment is troubling you. She did that for me, and many others I know. I first saw Jane in college when I was a runner on Columbia University's Track and Field Team. I had injured my hamstring and was unable to participate in many of my meets because of the agonizing pain. My coaches had sent a few of my teammates to Jane and they all raved about how they were cured after their first and only treatment. Mind you, we all went in for different reasons...hamstrings, quads, and knee issues. So, I figured I would give it a try and see if I could have the same success. I will have to say that her apotherapy treatment is not a "spa massage". There will be periods of discomfort, but honestly, noting hurt more than trying to run on a busted hamstring. After my treatment, Jane told me not to take ibuprofen or anything else for the pain. She said that I would feel much better in the morning, if not 100% better. The next day I was doing a track workout with one of the guys that would be going to Penn Relays in my place because of my injury. I was honestly just there to help him get in a good workout. However, not only was I able to complete the workout, I totally destroyed him! My coach came up to me and said, "I hope you are ready to go to Penn Relays". Anyway, to keep this short, we won the relay and I ran my fastest time of the year during that race. I went from limping around to smashing my PR in the 400m in just 3 days! I also visited Jane recently when I was having horrible headaches. She helped with that as well. Jane is a true healer, and I will continue to go back to her for years to come."

Review by Cory B. New York, NY

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, West Midtown Manhattan, New York City
-Chiropractic, Neurology, Occupational Rehabilitation -Massage: Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Medical, Sports, Reflexology, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupuncture Point & Acupuncture Meridian Acupressure

"Jane's Apotherapy is amazing. I had a sore back muscle and scoliosis pain and I went for ONE apotherapy session and both immediately felt better. I go for weekly massages now and my back has never felt better. I sit in an office chair all day so it gets very sore, but Jane's massage helps enormously. Jane herself is an excellent masseuse and apotherapy specialist. She's very considerate of requests and listens to the patient. 5 stars for Jane's Apotherapy!"

Review by Kate A. New York, NY

Jane's Apotherapy & Massage Therapy NYC, West Midtown Manhattan, New York City
-Alternative Sports Medicine, Pain Management

"Love Jane! She's done a fantastic job treating me over the 5 years that I have known her. I'm a competitive athlete that needs to stay on my feet for each of my upcoming competitions. I can't risk any down time due to pain or injury. I've been to many massage therapists and physical therapists in NYC and will only return to Jane's. What impressed me the most about Jane is that she took the time to understand my injures and where most of the pain resides. She then carefully works that area and all the surrounding areas to make sure my muscles are ready to preform. During the hour long treatment she stopped to get some feedback from me. This is important as it's sometimes difficult to explain to someone where the pain is and what it feels like. She addressed all my concerns during the session. After I left her studio she called me that night to check up on me and even called me a few days later to ask how I was feeling! I trust Jane to continue to heal me."

Review by Justine W. Manhattan, NY

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